Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There's one question which always comes to mind:
Is there a difference between Work Visas and Permanent Immigration?
There's certainly a difference.
And, it proves that flat-out settlement is not necessary.
Temporary Visas are the alternative.

Hence, there's no reason whatsoever to induce full-citizenship.

Media inner-circles claim it's necessary to have a largely immigrant workforce,
because they provide a source of "cheap labor".
But, these notions are just plain ridiculous.
Quite Simply:
Permanent settlements are totally unnecessary.

However, please be aware; there are major concerns surrounding "Temporary workmanship", as well.

According to Roy Beck from Numbersusa; there's no such thing as a temporary worker. The reason is because many Corporations demand replacements every few years. Thus, although different workers arrive every few years, their numbers are precisely as high, whether or not their status is permanent.

Also, many Temporary-workers will try to overstay their visa. And, Corporations have authority to petition for them.

Plus: Many will try staying by inter-marrying with a citizen.
So, if you enter America, Canada, or Europe as a temporary Visa,
you cannot gain citizenship by marrying a local Citizen.
Let's not confuse this with prohibiting marriage or interaction.
Rather instead, both parties must return to the Country of origin.
For example:
Supposing that a Peruvian Temporary-worker comes to USA.
He must return to Peru after his work visa has expired. And, all parties, such as a newlywed bride will return there, as well.

You must understand that Temporary Visas promote discrimination.
The reason is simple:
Migrant workers enter a foreign country,while having a Job already available for them. This is simply unfair.

Here's the equation.
Wherever you're from, even the most educated people have difficulty finding a job.
Some College Graduates must submit Job-applications to 100 locations.
Meanwhile, Migrant workers already have a job reserved for them.


Firstly, Temporary Work Visas can given.
It's not necessary to prohibit them, altogether.
However, Contracts must be signed beforehand which firmly require them to leave, when their Visa expires.
And, there can be no exceptions.
The penalties for noncompliance would include imprisonment, huge fines, and seizing of all earnings and personal belongings.

This might sound harsh, but, such rules are necessary.

Did you know: Temporary Workmanship has worked very well, in countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria.
These Nations have large Visa programs, Yet NONE remain permanently.
This rule has been strictly enforced.

So, ultimately, you'll learned that Temporary Workmanship carries many pitfalls.

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